Apache Ambari Security
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Specific Set of Users and Groups

ambari-server sync-ldap --users users.txt --groups groups.txt

Use this option to synchronize a specific set of users and groups from LDAP into Ambari. Provide the command a text file of comma-separated users and groups. The comma separated entries in each of these files should be based off of the values in LDAP of the attributes chosen during setup. The "User name attribute" should be used for the users.txt file, and the "Group name attribute" should be used for the groups.txt file. This command will find, import, and synchronize the matching LDAP entities with Ambari.


Group membership is determined using the Group Membership Attribute (groupMembershipAttr) specified during setup-ldap. User name is determined by using the Username Attribute (usernameAttribute) specified during setup-ldap.