Apache Ambari Installation for IBM Power Systems
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Import the custom VDF into Ambari

To import the custom VDF into Ambari, follow these steps:

  1. In the cluster install wizard, Select Version step, click the drop down with the HDP version listed and select Add Version.

  2. In Add Version, choose Upload Version Definition File and click Browse. Browse to the directory on your local desktop where the VDF file has been stored, click Choose File, then click Read Version Info.

  3. In Select Version, click the Use Local Repository radio button to signal to Ambari that repositories should not be downloaded from the internet.

  4. Click the Use RedHat Satellite/Spacewalk checkbox.

  5. Verify that the Name of the repository for your Operating System version is correct, and matches the VDF and channel names in your RedHat Satellite or Spacewalk installation.

  6. Click Next.

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