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Components change in Ambari Ambari caused a regression in metric average calculation resulting in artificially low metric average calculations. This issue causes some metrics alerts to fire and results in inaccurate data being reported.AMS

Table 1.1. The following issues are resolved in Ambari

Bug ID Apache JIRASummary
 AMBARI-25549 NegativeArraySizeException thrown when invoking CurrentCollectorHost
 AMBARI-1277Backport of Heatmap Data Issues
 AMBARI-25410Add autocomplete for all repos url for login and password
 AMBARI-25265upgrade AngularJS to v1.7.5
 AMBARI-25259 upgrade moment.js to v2.22.2
 AMBARI-24061Clicking on 'Details' button in Upgrade wizard shows no data
 AMBARI-25281Hive View API response contains plain-text password
 AMBARI-25155Backport knox trusted proxy support for ambari for 2.6
BUG-116942 Solr commands fails with timeout exception during Atlas start operation via Ambari
BUG-115317 Ambari-server setup-ldap throws an error when any parameter has spaces
 BUG-125144HDFS client install failed: Cloudbreak 2.9.2, Ambari, HDP with paywall
 BUG-125273Ambari-agent start fails
 BUG-125031Service installation fails on Ubuntu
 AMBARI-25434No Validation error on UI for an 'Unauthorized' repo url
 AMBARI-25548Mask credentials during install step - Cherry-pick & fix conflicts
 BUG-122596VDF registration fails with SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target' on HTTPS cluster
 BUG-122455Adding VDF fails with paywalled repos/urls
 AMBARI-25434No Validation error on UI for an 'Unauthorized' repo url - cherry-pick & fix conflicts
 AMBARI-25433Adding VDF fails with paywalled repos/urls
 AMBARI-25433Ambari should add login and password to urls populated from VDF
 AMBARI-25419Add option to disable URL credential auto-update behaviour - Cherrypick + merge conflicts
 AMBARI-25409Support basic auth for repositories. - cherrypick + merge conflicts
 BUG-110273Pig service check failing when "dfs.user.home.dir.prefix" is changed.
 AMBARI-24323Adding a component when the agent scripts are moved out and file download disabled takes > 1 hour and timeout
 AMBARI-23256 Ambari-agent setting permission of .hash files to 666
 AMBARI-24299 [Yarn Queue Manager] Yarn Queue manager View is resetting value some properties that are not defined UI
 AMBARI-25287 Persistent Cross Site Scripting in Ambari
BUG-117072 UI Install is unable to work with 'Redhat Satellite/Spacewalk' as local repository
 AMBARI-25451 Upgrade Grafana 2.6.x to 6.4.2 for Ambari 2.6.2
 AMBARI-23478YARN Cluster CPU Usage Graph Always Shows High CPU Usage
BUG-103360  Unable to blacklist specific metrics in a service.
BUG-103818 Ambari Metrics reports incorrect numbers in aggregated host metric data
 AMBARI-23382Ambari-server sync-ldap: Sync event creation failed
 AMBARI-25290Custom timeout ignored, python script has been killed due to timeout after waiting 2700 secs during HDP upgrade
 AMBARI-25268implement configurable password policy for Ambari users
 AMBARI-25204Ambari returns stack trace in HTML doc when an error occurs retrieving details for an Ambari View resource that does not exist - backport for 2.6
BUG-124994 No warning message at changing repo name to an invalid one
BUG-123386 Broken inputs when trying to edit views in Ambari Admin
BUG-124784 Configs XSS issues
BUG-124783 Username validation update
BUG-125764 Some Grafana's dashboards/graphs don't show metrics in Ambari- Fix for "Kafka - Consumer Lag" dashboard.
BUG-125554 Invalid metric pattern for kafka FetcherLag metric.
BUG-125764 Some Grafana's dashboards/graphs don't show metrics in Ambari- Fix for "Hive - HiveServer2" dashboard, "API call times - Health Check roundtrip
BUG-125762 Grafana on Ambari affected by CVE-2021-28147.
BUG-125506 Uplift Grafana 2.6.x to 6.7.4 for Ambari 2.6.2. AMS HBase fix.
BUG-124912 Separate logic for masking and hiding for views' properties.
BUG-123721 DB connection details in API calls.
BUG-123397 Combined hotfix request for VISA on top of Ambari 2.7.3.
 AMBARI-1276Move curator-framework to 2.12.0 to get shaded guava libs
BUG-124392 config group with value "null" gets deleted if we use --auto-fix-database flag
 AMBARI-24077[Upgrade wizard shows incorrect host count if there is failure on some host during any upgrade step.
BUG-11364 Infinite login loop created when user does not have rights to query for Request data.
 BUG-111144Slider view compilation failure.
 AMBARI-24019Upgrade Task details is not loading in Upgrade History Details Window.
 AMBARI-23978Express Upgrade: Clicking on upgrade item shows no tasks on large clusters.
 AMBARI-23303 Use NameNode Upgrade Timeout Override In All Upgrade Packs
 AMBARI-25280 Improper error handling when managing Ambari users
 AMBARI-25252Disable directory Indexing at /resources
 AMBARI-25181Host registration through Ambari UI failed with an error "Unsupported Media Type"
 AMBARI-25178[Knox TP] Config Group selection is empty while Adding Service in Ambari
 AMBARI-25175Start, Stop, Service Check and other request actions using PUT/POST from Ambari UI do not respond when tried via Knox TP
BUG-125775 log4j2 uplift to 2.16 and storm-core exclusions
BUG-125644 Disable possibility to create or use local users
BUG-101322 DB Cleanup scripts are using IN clauses
BUG-123381 ambari-admin build failed because of the issue with transitive "q" dependency of bower
 AMBARI-25411Cannot use HTTPS repourl and VDF url.
 AMBARI-23604 Hive View : handled table buckets specification in upload table
BUG-115304 Backport Fix for Storm Service Check with AutoTGT to Ambari
 AMBARI-24228Agent-side command-*.json files should optionally be deleted when no longer needed by the command
 AMBARI-24264[Suppress log messages from the credential_store_helper
 AMBARI-24562Protect the ClusterConfig resource so that only authorized users may have read-only access the data
 BUG-113297LDAP users fail to authenticate using LDAPS due to exception
 BUG-112299Ambari Server Ldap Sync Failed upon subject alternative DNS name check
 BUG-105763Rolling restarts not working when Kerberos Auto sign in is enabled for Ambari
 BUG-104580Regenerate Keytabs/Reenable security After Ambari Upgrade modifies hadoop.proxyuser.HTTP.hosts to an incorrect value
 BUG-125775Ambari - log4j2 zero day vulnerability fix
 BUG-125506Uplift Grafana 2.6.x to 6.7.4 for Ambari 2.6.2.
 BUG-123897Removing velocity templating engine from the infra-solr
AMBARI-25353  Seeing an error stack when running an API call against Ambari server
 BUG-115709End users should be able to execute setup-ldap tool without manual intervention
 AMBARI-24546Inserting new role authorization into DB tables
 BUG-125775Fix for contrib/views
 AMBARI-25379 Upgrade AMS Grafana version to 6.4.2
 BUG-114377Tez View configurations not loading when in custom configuration mode.

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