Apache Ambari Upgrade
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Prepare to Upgrade

Make sure that you have reviewed and completed all prerequisites described in previous chapters.

It is strongly recommended that you perform backups of your databases before beginning upgrade.

  • Ambari database

  • Hive Metastore database

  • Oozie Server database

  • Ranger Admin database

  • Ranger Audit database


If you use MySQL 5.6, you must use the Inno DB engine.

If your current MySQL engine is MyISAM, you must migrate to Inno DB before upgrading to Ambari 2.5.

  • Export your current, MySQL (MyISAM) data.

  • Drop the MySQL (MyISAM) database schema.

  • Create a MySQL (Inno DB) database.

  • Import your data into the MySQL (Inno DB) database instance.

For example:

mysqldump -U ambari -p ambari > /tmp/ambari.original.mysql 
cp /tmp/ambari.original.mysql /tmp/ambari.innodb.mysql 
sed -ie 's/MyISAM/INNODB/g' /tmp/ambari.innodb.mysql 
mysql -u ambari -p ambari 
mysql -u ambari "-pbigdata" --force ambari < /tmp/ambari.innodb.mysql

Please contact Hortonworks customer support if you have issues running your cluster using MySQL 5.6.