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Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-106877 AMBARI-24302 -Dhdp.version shows blank value in process output for Datanodes


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-109603 AMBARI-24520 Fix set KDC admin credentials section in enable Kerberos doc
BUG-110249 AMBARI-24583 Ambari agent status could be reported stale just after execution command thread has finished execution


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-106846 AMBARI-24310 UI sends host check request for custom jdk with invalid hosts
BUG-107571 AMBARI-24320 SET_KEYTABS is preformed 2 times per host during Kerberos operations


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-107067 AMBARI-24319 Multiple alerts after HDFS service only regenerate keytabs, as keytabs are out of sync
BUG-107420 AMBARI-24347 Unable to access the services through knox sso after upgrade
BUG-108280 AMBARI-24375 Adding services when Kerberos is enabled incorrectly changes unrelated service configurations
BUG-108303 AMBARI-24378 Updating LDAPSettings section for Ranger in Advanced config section
BUG-108686 AMBARI-24451 ambari.ldap.advanced.group_mapping_rules does not work, LDAP sync does not add admin roles for configured group(s)
BUG-108980 AMBARI-24447 No subject alternative DNS name exception encountered when Enabling Kerberos against an Active Directory even when SSL verification is off
BUG-109608 AMBARI-24522 Cannot connect to MIT KDC admin server when port is specified in kerberos-env/admin_server_host


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-101242 AMBARI-24300 Error in Tez Service Advisor for HDP 3.0
BUG-105574 AMBARI-24120 Cluster version is in invalid state after adding new host
BUG-105615 AMBARI-24388 Install HSI using Add HiveServer2 Interactive button failing
BUG-106836 AMBARI-24333 User is able to set the same short URLs for different view instances
BUG-107329 AMBARI-24349 Rescheduled and canceled tasks stay in progress forever
BUG-107337 AMBARI-24283 Post Ambari upgrade we get warnings "You have config groups present in the database with no corresponding service found"
BUG-107726 AMBARI-23076 Log Search - Shared services - make logfeeder config api work without zookeeper (use local configs)
BUG-109378 AMBARI-24496 Ambari updates lates_url info for HDF stacks with HDP link
BUG-109510 AMBARI-24504 Solr API reports backup as complete while copy is still in progress
BUG-94391 AMBARI-24290 Fix issues in AMS multiple cluster support and allow one cluster to leverage the metrics collector in another


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-107212 AMBARI-24272 OneFS service check fails with 'dfs_type' is not set.
BUG-107223 AMBARI-24273 hadoop-env is not regenerated when OneFS is used as a FileSystem
BUG-107395 AMBARI-24457 Hiveserver2 can't connect to metastore when using OneFS
BUG-107474 AMBARI-24286 Enabling Hive Server Interactive doesn't work with ONEFS
BUG-107792 AMBARI-24434 Unable to create cluster when hbase rootdir configured to s3 and there is no NAMENODE
BUG-108891 AMBARI-24456 Ambari server can not start on latest Amazon Linux 2
BUG-109487 AMBARI-24499 Ambari Blueprint deployments fail with multiple TIMELINE_READER instances
BUG-110219 AMBARI-24553 Cannot start Hive Metastore without HDFS
BUG-94351 AMBARI-24199 Fix Atlas HA support in Ambari via blueprint deployment


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-107350 AMBARI-24281 migrationConfigGenerator script failed with custom service user
BUG-107360 AMBARI-24322 DB Config Consistency Check has warnings on Ambari Upgrade
BUG-107402 AMBARI-24465 Warnings during ambari-agent, ambari-server upgrade
BUG-109047 AMBARI-24473 Ambari upgrade fails due to NPE when processing Ambari Infra changes
BUG-109559 AMBARI-24513 NPE when migrating users table during upgrade to Ambari 2.7.0 with Oracle DB


Hortonworks Bug IDApache JIRASummary
BUG-103990 AMBARI-24241 Host details page: remove duplicate title
BUG-104334 AMBARI-24005 [Logsearch UI] "Open log" context menu navigates user to default 'last 1 hour' filtered logs
BUG-105515 N/A Service layout recommendations for new services (Ranger/Atlas/ATS) clobber the first node
BUG-105609 AMBARI-24161 Cannot distinguish components on Host Details page due to shortened display name (Ambari should show full component name on mouse over)
BUG-106823 AMBARI-24248 [LogSearch UI] There is no user notification on Log Feeder configuration saving
BUG-106969 AMBARI-24416 Component Versions Are Not Reported On Initial Status Commands Anymore
BUG-106995 AMBARI-24269 All input fields are disabled after validation - cancel - filter for something on advanced tab
BUG-107040 AMBARI-24352 Ambari "Ranger KMS" Prior to Install, "Test Connection Button" Isn't Always Present
BUG-107050 AMBARI-24316 Inconsistent Ambari warnings when enabling Hive Interactive Query (LLAP)
BUG-107057 AMBARI-24313 Service disappear from the UI when Going back to "Customize Services" page or doing page refresh
BUG-107129 AMBARI-24308 'Changed properties' filter for configs is displayed even in non-compare mode
BUG-107404 AMBARI-24284 [Log Search UI] Make the app header aligned with the design
BUG-107480 AMBARI-24402 HBase Configuration page fails to load while UI Deploy when Ranger, KMS are not selected and service configurations are entered in a particular order
BUG-107656 AMBARI-24312 [Log Search UI] Audit screen sub tab changes clear the Summary charts.
BUG-107790 AMBARI-24325 [Log Search UI] Unaccessible query filter type ahead element in small window
BUG-108303 AMBARI-24378 Updating LDAPSettings section for Ranger in Advanced config section
BUG-108884 AMBARI-24424 [Log Search UI] Align the time histogram chart axis
BUG-108886 AMBARI-24425 [Log Search UI] Create visible time histogram selection area