Apache Ambari Minor Upgrade
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Chapter 4. Upgrading HDP

This topic describes available upgrade options, their prerequisites, and the overall process. You are strongly encouraged to read completely through this entire document before starting the upgrade process, to that you understand the interdependencies and order of the steps. It is highly recommended you validate these steps in a test environment to adjust and account for any special configurations for your cluster.

The high-level process for performing an HDP upgrade is as follows:

Ambari will guide you through the steps required to upgrade HDP. Make sure Ambari and the cluster are healthy, operating normally, and all service checks are passing.


Be sure to review the available HDP upgrade scenarios below. It is strongly recommended that you first upgrade to Ambari 2.7 before upgrading HDP unless otherwise noted. After upgrading Ambari, be sure the cluster is operating normally and service checks are passing prior to attempting an HDP upgrade.

Ambari 2.7.x does not support IOP-HDP migration. Customers migrating from IOP should use Ambari 2.6.1 to migrate IOP to HDP 2.6.4, then upgrade Ambari to 2.7 and use it to upgrade HDP 2.6.4 to HDP 3.1.0.

Ambari-2.7.3 supports both rolling and express methods for upgrading HDP-3.0.1 to HDP-3.1.0.

An Express Upgrade orchestrates the HDP upgrade in an order that will incur cluster downtime.

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