Apache Ambari Minor Upgrade
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Performing a Patch Upgrade

A patch release contains a unique software fix that affects one or more, but not all, services in your cluster. A four-digit release number identifies each patch release. Performing a patch upgrade applies changes only to those services in your cluster affected by the patch release.


Before performing a patch upgrade, you must obtain from Hortonworks Customer Support, the specific VDF file associated with the patch release.


  1. Register the patch release as a target version, using the Add Version option, just as you would during any upgrade.

    Patch versions include a "bug" icon to indicate that the patch includes a bug fix.

  2. Install the patch release as the current version, just as you would during any upgrade.

  3. Restart affected services.

    When you perform a Patch Express Upgrade of a service, a dependent service may stop and require a manual restart. For example, a patch Express Upgrade of HDFS could stop HBase. In such cases, you must manually re-start HBase using the Ambari Web UI > Service Actions menu.

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