Apache Ambari Installation
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Downloading your Software

This section describes how to download Ambari software artifacts through the Cloudera Downloads portal. To download Ambari software artifacts, both trial and regular versions, authentication is now required. In order to access your software, you must obtain your login credentials for the Cloudera Downloads portal, select the type of installation experience you want, and specify an operating system.

Access to the Ambari software artifacts for production purposes requires authentication. Prior to starting installation, you must download the Ambari software artifacts from the Cloudera Downloads portal.

You must first have an active subscription agreement that provides you access to download and use Ambari. You get the credentials from Cloudera sales representatives or from the Ambari account welcome email. The entitlement to Ambari is connected to your MyCloudera account which you can use to access the Ambari downloads page.

Make sure that you are logged in to your MyCloudera account at cloudera.com or my.cloudera.com

  1. Go to Cloudera HDP Downloads page.

  2. Choose Automated (With Ambari) from the Choose Installation Type drop-down menu.

  3. Click the LET’S GO! -> button.

  4. Click HDP 3.1.5 Automated (With Ambari