Accessing Clusters
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Cluster summary

The summary bar includes basic information about your cluster.

It includes the following information about your cluster:

Item Description
Cluster name The name that you selected for your cluster is displayed at the top of the page.
Blueprint Below the cluster name it is the name of the blueprint used for the cluster.
Time remaining If you enabled lifetime management for your cluster, the clock next to the cluster name indicates the amount of time that your cluster will run before it gets terminated. Note that the time remaining counter does not stop when you stop the cluster.
Cloud provider The logo of the cloud provider on which the cluster is running.
Credential The name of the credential used to create the cluster.
Status Current status. When a cluster is healthy, the status is Running.
Nodes The current number of cluster nodes, including the master node.
Uptime The amount of time (HH:MM) that the cluster has been in the running state since it was started. Each time you stop and restart the cluster, the running time is reset to 0.
Created The date when the cluster was created. The date format is Mon DD, YYYY. For example: Oct 27, 2017.