Advanced Cloudbreak Configuration
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Configure user authentication

After obtaining your LDAP/AD information, configure LDAP/AD user authentication for Cloudbreak.


  1. On the Cloudbreak host, browse to /var/lib/cloudbreak-deployment.
  2. Create a new yml file. By default the name of this file should be uaa-changes.yml, but optionally it can be customized by setting the following in Profile: export UAA_SETTINGS_FILE=<some-file-name>.yml where <some-file-name> is the name that you would like to use for this yml file.
  3. In the yml file enter the following using your LDAP/AD information. Next, save the file and restart Cloudbreak.
spring_profiles: postgresql,ldap

    file: ldap/ldap-search-and-bind.xml
    url: ldap://
    userDn: cn=Administrator,ou=srv,dc=hortonworks,dc=local
    password: ’mypassword’
    searchBase: ou=Users,dc=hortonworks,dc=local
    searchFilter: mail={0}
    file: ldap/ldap-groups-map-to-scopes.xml
    searchBase: ou=Groups,dc=hortonworks,dc=local
    searchSubtree: false
    maxSearchDepth: 1
    groupSearchFilter: member={0}
    autoAdd: true