Creating a Cluster on AWS
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Services available via gateway

When gateway is configured. the cluster resources that are accessible through the gateway are determined by the settings provided on the Gateway Configuration page of the basic create cluster wizard.

The following cluster resources are available for access via the gateway endpoint:

Cluster resource URL
Ambari https://{gateway-host}:8443/{cluster-name}/{topology-name}/ambari/
Hive and Hive Server Interactive* https://{gateway-host}:8443/{cluster-name}/{topology-name}/hive/
Job History Server https://{gateway-host}:8443/{cluster-name}/{topology-name}/jobhistory/
Name Node https://{gateway-host}:8443/{cluster-name}/{topology-name}/hdfs/
WebHDFS https://{gateway-host}:8443/{cluster-name}/{topology-name}/webhdfs/
Resource Manager https://{gateway-host}:8443/{cluster-name}/{topology-name}/yarn/
Spark History Server https://{gateway-host}:8443/{cluster-name}/{topology-name}/sparkhistory/
Zeppelin https://{gateway-host}:8443/{cluster-name}/{topology-name}/zeppelin/

* Refer to Access Hive via JDBC for more information.

The following applies:

  • The gateway-host is the IP address or hostname of the Ambari server node.
  • The cluster-name is the name of the cluster.
  • The topology-name is the name of the gateway topology that you entered when creating the cluster. By default this is set to db-proxy.