Installing Cloudbreak on AWS
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Configuring authentication with AWS

Before you can start using Cloudbreak for provisioning clusters, you must select a way for Cloudbreak to authenticate with your AWS account and create resources on your behalf.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Key-based: This is a simpler option which does not require additional configuration at this point. It requires that you provide your AWS access key and secret key pair in the Cloudbreak web UI later.

  • Role-based: This requires that you or your AWS admin create an IAM role (referred to as the "CloudbreakRole") to allow Cloudbreak to assume AWS roles (the “AssumeRole” policy). Later, you must create another IAM role (referred to as the "CredentialRole") for Cloudbreak to be able to perform specific actions via Cloudbreak credential.

    For more information about how role-based authentication works, refer to Authentication with AWS.


    If you chose the role-based option, proceed to create the CloudbreakRole" and then attach the role to your VM. If you chose the key-based option, you do not need to do anything at this point and can proceed to the next step.