Quickstart on GCP
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Service account

In order to launch Cloudbreak from a template, you must create a service account that has the following roles.

Google service Roles to select Description
Computer Engine
  • Compute Image User
  • Compute Instance Admin (v1)
  • Compute Network Admin
  • Compute Security Admin
This is required.
  • Storage Admin
This is required.
  • Cloud RuntimeConfig Admin
This is required.

If you already have a service account and a JSON key but you need to update the permissions for the account, you can do it from IAM & admin > IAM. If you need to create a service account, follow these steps.


  1. To create a service account In GCP web console, from the services menu, select IAM & admin > Service account:

  2. Click on Create service account:

  3. Provide the following:
    • Enter the Service account name.

      This will determine your service account email. Make a note of this service account email. You will need to provide it when creating a Cloudbreak credential.

    • Under Role, select the roles described above.
    • Under Key type, select JSON.

  4. Click Create.
  5. The JSON key will be downloaded on your machine. You will need it later to create a Cloudbreak credential.