Creating a Cloudbreak Credential on GCP
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Create a credential on GCP

Cloudbreak works by connecting your GCP account through this credential, and then uses it to create resources on your behalf. Before you can start provisioning cluster using Cloudbreak, you must create a credential.


As a prerequisite for creating a credential, you must create a service account on GCP and generate a JSON key for that account.


  1. In the Cloudbreak web UI, select Credentials from the navigation pane.
  2. Click Create Credential.
  3. Under Cloud provider, select “Google Cloud Platform”.
  4. Provide the following information related to the service account that you created earlier:
    Parameter Description
    Key type Select JSON or P12. Since activating service accounts with P12 private keys has been deprecated in the Cloud SDK, we recommend using JSON.
    Name Enter a name for your credential.
    Description (Optional) Enter a description.
    Project Id (Only required for P12 key type) Enter the project ID. You can obtain it from your GCP account by clicking on the name of your project at the top of the page and copying the ID.
    Service Account Email Address (Only required for P12 key type) “Service account ID” value for your service account created in prerequisites. You can find it on GCP at IAM & Admin > Service accounts.
    Service Account Private Key Upload the key that you created in the prerequisites when creating a service account.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Your credential should now be displayed in the Credentials pane.

    Now that you have created a credential, you can start creating clusters.