Cloudbreak Deployment Options
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Deploying on AWS GovCloud

You can deploy Cloudbreak and Cloudbreak-managed clusters on public AWS regions and on the isolated AWS GovCloud region.


This feature is technical preview: It is not suitable for production.

Although Cloudbreak web UI and CLI treat AWS and AWS CloudGov as separate provider types (by enumerating them separately during the credential creation), the two are actually distinct endpoints of the same provider and there are almost no differences when using Cloudbreak with public AWS regions vs AWS CloudGov.

This is why a single documentation set is available for using Cloudbreak on AWS: That is, any Cloudbreak documentation marked as appropriate for AWS can be used for both public AWS and AWS GovCloud. The few restrictions that exist for AWS GovCloud are pointed out in the documentation related to the affected features.

Restrictions of AWS GovCloud

When working with AWS GovCloud, it is not possible to use existing AMIs. This causes the following Cloudbreak features to be unavailable to use with AWS GovCloud:

Category Description
Installation Cloudbreak can be deployed on AWS by using the quickstart option or the production option. However, only the production option can be used with AWS GovCloud. To install Cloudbreak o AWS GovCloud, refer to Installing on AWS.
Credential creation Both AWS credential options (key-based and role-based) can be used with AWS GovCloud. However, if your Cloudbreak is running on a non-CloudGov AWS account, you cannot use the role-based credential option.

If using Cloudbreak CLI to create or modify a credential on AWS GovCloud, make sure to use the aws-gov command options, instead of the aws command options.

Cluster creation By default, Cloudbreak includes a set of prewarmed and base images that can be used for deploying clusters. However, these prewarmed images cannot be used on AWS GovCloud; Instead, you must burn your own custom images prior to creating clusters. To prepare custom images, refer to Using custom images.