Installing Cloudbreak on GCP
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Access Cloudbreak web UI

Log in to the Cloudbreak web UI by using the following steps.


  1. You can log into the Cloudbreak application at https://IP_Address. For example You may use cbd start to obtain the login information. Alternatively, you can obtain the VM’s IP address from your cloud provider console.
  2. Confirm the security exception to proceed to the Cloudbreak web UI.

    The first time you access Cloudbreak web UI, Cloudbreak automatically generates a self-signed certificate, due to which your browser warns you about an untrusted connection and asks you to confirm a security exception.

    Browser Steps
    Firefox Click Advanced > Click Add Exception… > Click Confirm Security Exception
    Safari Click Continue
    Chrome Click Advanced > Click Proceed…
  3. The login page is displayed:

  4. Log in to the Cloudbreak web UI using the credentials that you configured in your Profile file:
    • The username is the UAA_DEFAULT_USER_EMAIL
    • The password is the UAA_DEFAULT_USER_PW
  5. Upon a successful login, you are redirected to the dashboard: