Introduction to Cloudbreak
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Cloudbreak application architecture

Cloudbreak application is a web application which simplifies cluster provisioning in the cloud.

Based on your input, Cloudbreak application provisions all required cloud infrastructure and then provisions a cluster on your behalf within your cloud provider account.

Cloudbreak application is built on the foundation of cloud provider APIs and Apache Ambari:

  • Cloudbreak uses the Cloudbreak credential to authenticate with your cloud provider account and provision cloud resources required for the clusters.

  • Cloudbreak uses cloud provider APIs to communicate with the cloud providers.

  • Cloudbreak uses Apache Ambari and Ambari blueprints to provision, manage, and monitor clusters. Ambari blueprints are a declarative definition of a cluster. With a blueprint, you can specify stack, component layout, and configurations to materialize a cluster instance via Ambari REST API, without having to use the Ambari cluster install wizard.