DAS Release Notes
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Known Issues

Data Analytics Studio 1.4.4 has the following known issues, scheduled for resolution in a future release:

Known issues

  • Some Hive queries may have multiple DAGs. However, DAS displays the same DAG multiple times on the Queries page.
  • The download logs feature may not return the YARN application logs on a Kerberized cluster. When you download the logs, the logs contain an error-reports.json file which states that no valid Kerberos tokens are available.

    Workaround: An admin user with access to the machine can use the kinit command as a hive user with hive service user keytabs and trigger the download.

  • You might be unable to install and configure HSI in HA mode when DAS is configured with HS2.

    Workaround: Set agent.auto.cache.update=false in the etc/ambari-server/conf/ambari.properties file.

  • You may not see any data for a report for any new queries that you run. This can happen, especially for the last one day's report.

    1. Shut down the DAS Event Processor.
    2. Run the following command from the Postgres server:
      update das.report_scheduler_run_audit set status = 'FAILED' where status = 'READING';
    3. Start the DAS Event Processor.
  • On clusters secured with Knox proxy only: You might not be able to save the changes to the JDBC URL in the DAS UI to change the server interface (HS2 or LLAP) on which you are running your queries.
  • You may be unable to upload tables or get an error while browsing files to upload tables in DAS on a cluster secured using Knox proxy.
  • DAS does not parse semicolons (;) and double hyphens (--) in strings and comments.

    For example, if you have a semicolon in query such as the following, the query might fail: select * from properties where prop_value = "name1;name2";

    If a semicolon is present in a comment, then execute the query after removing the semicolon from the comment, or removing the comment altogether. For example:
    select * from test; -- select * from test;
    select * from test; /* comment; comment */
    Queries with double hyphens (--) might also fail. For example:
    select * from test where option = '--name';
  • You might face UI issues on Google Chrome while using faceted search. We recommend you to use the latest version of Google Chrome (version 71.x or higher).
  • You are unable to see databases or the query editor on the Compose page even after following the troubleshooting procedure. This can be caused due to incorrect hive service name in ZooKeeper.
  • Visual Explain for the same query shows different graphs on the Compose page and the Query Details page.
  • While running some queries, if you restart HSI, the query execution is stopped. However, DAS does not reflect this change and the queries appear to be in the same state forever.
  • After a fresh installation, when there is no data and you try to access the Reports tab, it throws HTTP 404 Not Found Error.
  • Join count does not get updated for tables with partitioned columns.