DLM Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in DLM 1.5.0 release

Hortonworks Bug ID Category Description
BUG-118464 Replication External Table replication validation fails when new policy is submitted
BUG-120137 DLM Engine Pick Hive jar from DLM package
BUG-114953 Replication Incorrect statistics displayed for failed replication job
BUG-113341 Replication Handle alter events when replication takes place from HDP 2.6.5 to HDP 3.0
BUG-120039 Documentation Update procedural steps for Hive cloud replication mentioned in DLM-1.2.0 DLM Administration guide
BUG-119848 Replication Replicate streaming ingestion with transactional batch size as 1
BUG-119633 Replication Incorrect value shown for "Next Run" column
BUG-81979 Replication Use proper error message for delete API failure when source is down
BUG-113492 Documentation Support conversion of Managed to External Table where location set was not owned by Hive
BUG-119792 Hive External table location is not preserved at target when base dir is set as /.
BUG-119495 Hive INSERT into a dynamically partitioned table with hive.stats.autogather = false throws a MetaException
BUG-112838 Replication Get API for policies should return next instance run time for every non-suspended active policy
BUG-119018 Hive Disable conversion of Managed Table to External and vice versa at source
BUG-119391 Hive Dropping an External Table created by migration case should delete the data directory
BUG-117854 Hive Hive should support clean-up of previously bootstrapped tables when retry is performed from different dump
BUG-118827 Hive Replicating conversion of managed to External Table leaks HDFS files at target
BUG-79852 Beacon Beacon REST APIs should consume JSON format and json/application content-type
BUG-119306 Distcp Distcp fails with KMSClientProvider$KMSTokenRenewer: keyProvider null cannot renew dt message