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Issues & Updates table

The Issues & Updates table shows policies that have running jobs but at least one failed out of the most recent 10 jobs. You do not see any policy if its last 10 jobs were all successful.

Table columns include the following:

Job Status
When the status of a job is Running, a status circle icon and progress bar display. For jobs that are not running, a status circle icon displays along with the text Success, Failed, or Ignored. You can move the cursor over a Failed status to see a “View Log” tooltip, which you can click to see the job log.
Source & Destination
The names of the source and destination clusters associated with the policy.
Indicates whether the data being replicated is from HDFS or Hive.
The name assigned to the policy.
Policy History
Shows up to 10 job statuses as colored dots.
Color Status Description
Green Succeeded Job completed with no issues.
Red Failed Job did not complete.
Gray Ignored Job did not start because a previous instance of the policy was still in progress. Only one run of a job can be in progress at one time. If a job is consistently ignored, you might need to modify its frequency.
Clicking the colored dots navigates the browser to the Policies page, with the filter preset to show information only about the specified policy.
The amount of data transferred, in gigabytes, and the number of objects transferred, if available. When a job is running, the column displays In Progress.
How long it took to run the most recent job.
When the most recent job started.
When the most recent job ended.
Actions icon
  • Abort Job: Aborts a running job. Enabled only when the job status is Running.
  • Re-run Job: Starts another instance of the policy. Disabled when a job is executing.
  • Edit Policy: Allows editing of some policy settings. Disabled if a policy is expired.
  • Delete Policy: Removes a policy from Data Lifecycle Manager. Delete cannot be undone. Always enabled.
  • Suspend Policy: Suspends the policy and any job that is executing. Disabled when the policy status is Suspended.
  • Activate Policy: Resumes a suspended policy. Disabled when the policy status is Running.