DSS Release Notes
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Fixed Issues

The following table lists selected issues resolved in DSS 1.6.1.

Hortonworks Bug ID Summary

Description of problem: Pagination on Profilers job listing page is missing.

Details:The Profiler job list screen list is paginated.


Description of problem: DSS Analyst is able to view the profiler.

Details:DSS Analyst role will not be able to view the Profiler option.


Description of problem: Searching for assets in DSS application is case-sensitive.

Details:Searching assets in DSS is no longer restricted to being case-sensitive.


Description of problem: Multiple DSS tag rule modification is not possible.

Details:Selecting multiple tag rules to change/update the status is now possible.


Description of problem: DSS Analyst User is not able to freeze the view on Data Steward /Asset Collections / Details page.

Details:While scrolling the Data Steward / Asset Collections / Details page, the page headers will remain intact and do not move out of the view.