Triaging Alerts
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Configure Table Columns

You can configure the table columns in the Alerts table to customize the type of information you display. You can modify the information that shows in each column, the title of the column, and the order in which the columns are displayed.

  1. Click (gear icon).
    The Alerts UI displays the Configure Table that lists all the columns available across all the valid search indexes.

  2. In the AVAILABLE column, use the add button next to a field to create an Alerts table column for that field.
  3. In the VISIBLE column, use the remove button next to a field to remove the corresponding column from the Alerts table.
  4. You can rename the column titles by entering a new name in the Short Name column.
    For example, 'enrichments:geo:ip_dst_addr:country' can be renamed to 'Dst Country'.
    This name is just for display convenience and the changes are not propagated to any system in HCP.
  5. You can also configure the order in which the selected columns will appear in the table by using the arrow icons.
  6. Click Save to save your changes and dismiss the Configure Table panel.