Installing HDF Services on a New HDP Cluster
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Install an HDP Cluster

About This Task

If you are installing an HDF cluster that includes SAM, you require an existing HDP cluster with Druid installed. This section provides instructions for installing HDP for use with SAM. For complete HDP installation instructions, see the Ambari Installation for HDP.


  1. Log on to the Ambari UI, and start the Cluster Installation wizard.

    The default Ambari user name and password are admin and admin.

  2. On the Select Version step under public repositories, remove all Base URLs that do not apply to your operating system.

    Change the HDP Base URL to the URL appropriate for your operating system, provided in the HDF Release Notes.

  3. On the Choose Services step, you must select the following services to run an HDF cluster with full SAM capabilities. You may further customize as required by your use case and operational objectives.

    • HDFS

    • YARN + MapReduce2

    • ZooKeeper

    • Ambari Infra

    • Ambari Metrics

    • SmartSense

    • Druid

  4. On the Assign Masters screen, distribute master services using the deployment diagram available in the Deployment Index.

  5. On the Assign Slaves and Clients screen, distribute slave services using the deployment image as a guide.

More Information

Ambari Installation for HDP