Installing HDF Services on a New HDP Cluster
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Access the Stream Insight Superset UI

About This Task

As part of the install, Superset is configured with the Druid cluster that was installed as part of Ambari. To verify installation and access the UI.


  1. Select the Druid Service in Ambari and under the Quick Links menu, choose Superset to navigate to the Stream Insight UI.

    The default user account is admin; the password is what you configured for the Superset service.

  2. Click Sources > Druid Clusters.

  3. You should see a Druid cluster already configured:

  4. After a Druid cluster is set up, you can import all of the data sources or cubes associated with that cluster by clicking Sources > Refresh Druid Metadata.

    If you have a streaming application that pushes data into data sources, the refresh operation imports all data sources within the Druid cluster:


    Whenever you add new data sources to Druid, perform the Refresh Druid Metadata action.