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Streaming Analytics Manager Taxonomy

The following table describes the taxonomy for Streaming Analytics Manager. This taxonomy will be used throughout the rest of this guide.

Streaming Analytics ManagerThe name of the graphical application for building, deploying, and managing stream apps.

Stream App

A streaming application built using Streaming Analytics Manager.
My ApplicationsThe landing page for the Streaming Analytics Manager application. The Dashboard has a list of stream apps.
App TileLocated on the dashboard, an app tile provides metrics, status and lifecyle actions for a stream. Each stream app is displayed as an app tile.
Stream BuilderThe Streaming Analytics Manager tool that is used to build stream apps.
Builder CanvasThe canvas of the Stream Builder, on which stream apps are built. The canvas includes a palette of Builder components that can be used to build a stream app.
Builder Components

Building blocks available on the Builder Canvas palette, which can be used to build stream apps. There are four types of Builder components:

  • Source Builder Component: for creating streams from data sources such as Kafka topics or HDFS files.

  • Processor Builder Component: for manipulating and processing events in a stream, such as routing, applying transformations, performing windowing operations, and applying rules.

  • Sink Builder Component: for sending events to other systems such as HBase, HDFS, and Kafka.

  • Custom Builder Component: for creating custom requirements and adding them to the canvas palette.

Tile component A component tile that has been moved onto the Builder Canvas, configurable for use in a specific stream app.
ConnectorsDefine connections between component tiles, directing a flow of tuples and how they flow (such as shuffle grouping).
Stream OperationA view showing a running stream app, providing metrics for the app. After you use Stream Builder to build and deploy a stream app, the Stream Operation view allows you to monitor the running app.
Service Pool

A pool of services that can be used to create different environments. Services can come from two sources:

  • Ambari-managed cluster: if you specify an Ambari URL, a service pool is populated with all of the services managed by that Ambari Instance; for example, Storm, HDFS, HBase, and Kafka.

  • Custom service pool: for services not managed by Ambari, you can create a custom service and add that to a pool. Examples include Elastic Service and the Schema Registry Service.

EnvironmentA set of services you choose from one or more service pools. The environment is then associated with a stream app, which uses those services in that environment for various configurations.
Stream Insight SupersetThe name of the Stream Insight module within SAM for Business Analysts to create dashboards and visualizations
Insight Data SourceA analytics cube powered by Druid where events can be streamed into for rollups/aggregations/analytics
Insight SliceAn insight visualization that can be created from a cube. An insight can be added to a dashboard
Insight DashboardConsists of a set of insight slices. Dashboards are created by the Business analyst in the Stream Insights Superset module.