Hortonworks Streaming Analytics Manager User Guide
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Uploading Custom Functions to SAM

About This Task

Once you have created and built the UDAF, upload it to SAM so that it is available in the Aggregate processor.


  1. From the left-hand menu, select Configuration, then Application Resources.

  2. Click the UDF tab. You use the UDF tab to handle both UDFs and UDAFs.

  3. Click the Add icon to display the Add UDF.

  4. Supply the following information, and click Ok.

    • Name – This is the internal name of the UDAF. This needs to be unique and should not conflict with any of the built in aggregate functions.

    • Display Name – This is what gets displayed in the list of aggregate functions in the Aggregate processor UI.

    • Description – This can be any textual description of the function to assist the user.

    • Type – This should be AGGREGATE for UDAFs, or FUNCTION for UDFs.

    • Classname – This is the full qualified class name of the UDAF that gets packaged in the Jar.

    • UDF JAR – Browse and select the jar file that you built using the maven project.


Your new UDF or UDAF displays in the list of available functions.