Apache NiFi Registry System Administrator's Guide
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FileSystemFlowPersistenceProvider simply stores serialized Flow contents into {bucket-id}/{flow-id}/{version} directories.

Example of persisted files:

Flow Storage Directory/
├── {bucket-id}/
│   └── {flow-id}/
│       ├── {version}/{version}.snapshot
└── d1beba88-32e9-45d1-bfe9-057cc41f7ce8/
    └── 219cf539-427f-43be-9294-0644fb07ca63/
        ├── 1/1.snapshot
        └── 2/2.snapshot

Qualified class name: org.apache.nifi.registry.provider.flow.FileSystemFlowPersistenceProvider



Flow Storage Directory

REQUIRED: File system path for a directory where flow contents files are persisted to. If the directory does not exist when NiFi Registry starts, it will be created. If the directory exists, it must be readable and writable from NiFi Registry.