Installing and Upgrading NiFi
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Install the new NiFi version

Install the new NiFi into a directory parallel to the existing NiFi installation.

  1. Download the latest version of Apache NiFi. You can find the latest NiFi download location in the HDF Release Notes.
  2. Uncompress the NiFi .tar file into a directory parallel to your existing NiFi directory:
    tar -xvzf file-name

    For example, if your existing NiFi installation is installed in /opt/nifi/nifi-, install your new NiFi version in a path similar to /opt/nifi/nifi-

  3. Create or update a symlink: /opt/nifi/current /opt/nifi/<nifi build dir>
  4. If you are upgrading a NiFi cluster, repeat these steps on each node in the cluster.