Planning your deployment
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Data flow design

Learn about the flow design factors that impact your cluster sizing needs and the performance of your data flow.


Flow design is the most important factor influencing the expected data flow performance, as well as the type and amount of resources used by NiFi.

You can use NiFi for a wide array of use cases, and the resource requirements are greatly determined by data flow design. Depending on the actions it performs in a data flow, each processor may or may not be required to read or to write the processed data from or on disks.

For example, a flow ingesting 100 MB of data per second with its first processor, may need to read and write this data on disks multiple times before the result is sent to the final destination. If the data flow has four processors writing the content on disks before being sent to the final destination, the disks used for the content repositories in the NiFi cluster should be able to handle 400 MB per second at the cluster level.