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Known Issues

Summary of known issues for this release.

Table 1. Known Issues

Hortonworks Bug ID

Apache JIRA

Apache Component

BUG-120051 NIFI-6285 NiFi Description of the problem:

When you configure a NiFi Connection by changing the Load Balance Strategy, NiFi automatically redistributes the data as needed. If this occurs while data is swapped out from the NiFi process, however, this can result in the data not being swapped back in. When this occurs, the data remains in the queue and not be processed.

Associated error message:

You may see an error message in the logs, similar to: Encountered unknown Swap File ./flowfile_repository/swap/1557762343026-9e6b1ea4-016a-1000-ffff-ffff9a287a94-0ef48376-b919-4aae-9b72-0e7acfd1bfb9.rebalance.swap; will ignore this Swap File. This file should be cleaned up manually.

To avoid this issue:

To avoid this, ensure that you stop the Processor upstream of any connection and allow the queue to empty before changing the Load Balance Strategy.

To work around this issue:

To work around this issue if you do encounter it, shut down NiFi and rename the files in the FlowFile Repository's "swap" directory such that it matches the pattern <timestamp>-<connection identifier>-<uuid>.local.swap instead of <timestamp>-<connection identifier>-<uuid>.<other-partition-name>.swap and then restart NiFi. Be sure only to rename those Swap Files whose name contains the relevant connection's identifier.

BUG-118594 N/A N/A

Description of the problem:

SAM app with storm-druid sink throws exception.


N/A Kafka

Description of the problem:

Kafka 1.1.1 producer cannot produce messages with snappy compression on IBM Power.