Ambari Managed HDF Upgrade
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Registering Your Target Version

Registering your target version makes Ambari aware of the Cloudera stack to which you want to upgrade, provides the public repository location, and specifies your public or private repository delivery preference.

  1. Click the Admin tab, and then click Stack and Versions.
  2. Click the Versions tab.
  3. Click the Manage Versions button.
  4. Click the + Register Version button.
    The Register Version page appears.

  5. Select the target version you want to register, name the version, select your operating system, and modify the HDP-UTILS string.
    1. Select HDF-3.5 version.
    2. Name the version as 2.0.
    3. Use -Remove on the right side of the OSs to remove the other OSs and keep only the OS you need.
      In this example redhat7 is kept.
    4. Replace the base URL value for HDF-3.5 with proper userid and password combination.
      This will automatically update the HDP-UTILS url related section.


      If SMM is already installed and is listed in Ambari, then check the Skip Repository Base URL validation box.

      Verify that the URLs are for the correct locations before you proceed.

  6. Click Save.

From the Versions tab, you now see your target HDF version registered, but not yet installed.