Streaming Analytics Manager Authorization
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Creating Users and Assigning Them to Roles

Using the streamline user to initially go into SAM, you can create other admin roles in the system that can administer user accounts for the rest of the organization. To create new admin account for user gvetticaden, perform the following steps:

  1. From Menu, select Configuration and then Authorizer.
  2. From the Users tab, select the + icon.
  3. Enter information about the new user account.

  4. Click Save.


You are able to see the user you just created in the user list, on the left side of the SAM Configuration | Authorizer view.

You do not have to provide any password. This is because SAM relies on a Kerberos/KDC to do the authentication. The principal is then passed to SAM when accessing the SAM UI. The principal name as part of the kerberos ticket must match a user in SAM. Then SAM looks up the role for that user and provides access based on the roles permissions.