8.10. Known Issues for Hue

  • BUG-9734: Data loss during Migration of Hue DB from default (sqlite) to Oracle DB:

    Problem: Migration of data and tables from SqlLite to Oracle does not work and needs to be performed manually.

    1. Install Hue and start Hue, (Hue creates table in sqlite db).

    2. Do NOT perform any tasks (such as uploading files, pig jobs, or hcat jobs) on the HDP stack from Hue UI.

    3. Stop Hue, configure Oracle.

    4. Start Hue.

      Result: Hue starts fine and continues working, but there is loss of data.

    5. Some tables are lost in HCatalog.

    6. Some pig scripts do not show up on UI.

    Workaround: Manually migrate the data and tables from SQLite to Oracle.