1. Setting Up a Hostmap Provider

Add the hostmap provider to the cluster topology descriptor and a parameter for each DataNode in the cluster, as follows:

  1. Open the cluster topology descriptor file, $cluster-name.xml, in a text editor.

  2. Add the Hostmap provider to topology/gateway using the following format:

    <provider> <role>hostmap</role> <name>static</name> <enabled>true</enabled> <param> <name> $external-name </name> <value> $internal-dn-host </value> </param> </provider>


    • $cluster-name.xml is the name of the topology descriptor file, located in $gateway /conf/topologies.

    • $external-name is the value that the gateway uses to replace $internal_host host names in responses.

    • $internal-dn-host is a comma-separated list of host names that the gateway will replace when rewriting responses.

  3. To the hostmap provider, add a param for each additional DataNode in your cluster:

    <param> <name> $external-name2 </name> <value> $internal-dn2-host </value> </param>

  4. Save the file.

    Saving the results automatically deploys the topology with the change. The result is the creation of a new WAR file with modified timestamp in $gateway/data/deployments.

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