5. Providing User Access to HBase Database Tables from the Command Line

HBase provides the means to manage user access to Hive database tables directly from the command line. The most commonly-used commands are:


    Syntax: grant '<user-or-group>','<permissions>','<table>

    For example, to create a policy that grants user1 read/write permission on the table usertable, the command is grant 'user1','RW','usertable'

    The syntax is the same for granting CREATE and ADMIN rights.


    Syntax: revoke '<user-or-group>','<usertable>'

    For example, to revoke the read/write access of user1 to the table usertable, the command is revoke 'user1','usertable'


    Unlike Hive, HBase has no specific revoke commands for each user privilege.