1.3. Configure HiveServer2 Settings

HiveServer2 is used for remote concurrent access to Hive. HiveServer2 settings can be accessed from Ambari >Tez > Configs > Advanced or in hive-site.xml

You must restart HiveServer2 in order for updated settings to take effect.

  • Hive Execution Engine -- Set this to "tez" to execute Hive queries using Tez:

  • Enable Default Sessions -- Uses a default session for jobs using HiveServer2 even if they don’t use Tez. Set this to “true”.

  • Specify the HiveServer2 Queues -- A comma-separated list of queues. For example, to specify queues “hive1” and “hive2”:

  • Set the Number of Sessions in each Queue -- Sets the number of sessions for each queue named in hive.server2.tez.default.queues.

  • Set enable.doAs to False -- Set enable.doAs to be false to use the Hive user identity rather than the individual user identities for YARN. This enhances security and reuse.


For more information on these and other HiveServer2-on-Tez configuration settings, see the "Configure Hive and HiveServer2 for Tez" subsection in the Installing HDP Manually guide.