Ranger KMS Administration Guide
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Save Audit to Solr

Prerequisite: To save Ranger KMS audits to Solr, you must have Solr installed and running.

To save audits to Solr:

  1. Edit the following Ranger properties in the Advanced ranger-admin.site list:

    ranger.audit.solr.password = NONE

    ranger.audit.solr.urls = http://solr_host:6083/solr/ranger_audits

    ranger.audit.solr.username = ranger_solr

    ranger.audit.source.type = solr

    For example:

  2. Restart Ranger.

  3. Next, to enable Ranger KMS auditing to Solr, set the following properties in the Advanced ranger-kms-audit list:

    1. Check the box next to Enable audit to solr in the Ranger KMS component.

    2. Check the Audit provider summary enabled box, and make sure that xasecure.audit.is.enabled is set to true.

    3. Restart Ranger KMS.


Check audit logs on Ranger UI, to make sure that they are getting through Solr: http://RANGER_HOST_NAME:6080/index.html#!/reports/audit/bigData or http://solr_host:6083/solr/ranger_audits.