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Chapter 3. Deploying HDP In Production Data Centers With Firewalls

A typical Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) install requires access to the Internet in order to fetch software packages from a remote repository. Because corporate networks typically have various levels of firewalls, these firewalls may limit or restrict Internet access, making it impossible for your cluster nodes to access the HDP repository during the install process.

The solution for this is to either:

  • Create a local mirror repository inside your firewall hosted on a local mirror server inside your firewall; or

  • Provide a trusted proxy server inside your firewall that can access the hosted repositories.


    Many of the descriptions in this section assume you are using RHEL/Centos/Oracle Linux. If you are using SLES, please adjust the commands and directories accordingly.

This document will cover these two options in detail, discuss the trade-offs, provide configuration guidelines, and will also provide recommendations for your deployment strategy.

In general, before installing Hortonworks Data Platform in a production data center, it is best to ensure that both the Data Center Security team and the Data Center Networking team are informed and engaged to assist with these aspects of the deployment.