Configuring Storm for Kerberos Over Ambari
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Chapter 4. Accessing the Storm UI

The Storm UI uses SPNEGO AUTH when in Kerberos mode.

Before accessing the UI, configure your browser for SPNEGO authorization, as shown in the following table.

Then kinit before accessing the Storm UI.

Table 4.1. Browser Settings for Storm UI

SafariNo changes needed.
  1. Go to about:config and search for network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris.

  2. Double-click and add the following value: "http://storm-ui-hostname:ui-port"

  3. Replace the storm-ui-hostname value with the hostname where your UI is running.

  4. Replace the ui-port value with the Storm UI port.


From the command line, issue:

google-chrome --auth-server-whitelist="<storm-ui-hostname>" --auth-negotiate-delegate-whitelist="<storm-ui-hostname>"

Internet Explorer
  • Configure trusted websites to include "storm-ui-hostname".

  • Allow negotiation for the UI website.