Upgrading HDP Manually
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Chapter 4. Upgrade from HDP 1.3 to HDP 2.3.6 Manually


If you installed and manage HDP-1.3 with Ambari, you must use the Ambari Upgrade Guide to perform the the HDP-1.3 to HDP-2.3.6 upgrade.


These instructions cover the upgrade between two minor releases, such as HDP-1.3 to HDP-2.3.6. Component information has been updated for HDP-2.3.6 where appropriate. If you need to upgrade between two maintenance releases such as HDP-1.3.8 to 1.3.10, follow the upgrade instructions in the HDP Release Notes.

Starting with HDP-2.2, HDP supports side-by-side installation of HDP 2.2 and subsequent releases, which lets you perform rolling upgrades on your cluster and improve execution times for in-place upgrade. To support side-by-side installation, the HDP package version naming convention for both RPMs and Debs has changed to include the HDP product version. For example, hadoop-hdfs in HDP-2.2.4 is now hadoop_2.2.3.6.hdfs. HDP-2.2 marked the first release where HDP rpms, debs, and directories contained versions in the names to permit side-by-side installations of later HDP releases. To select from the releases you have installed side-by-side, Hortonworks provides hdp-select, a command that lets you select the active version of HDP from the versions you have installed.

However, because HDP-1.3 did not support side-by-side installation, you will upgrade to HDP-2.3.6 in a way very similar to previous minor-version upgrades. Subsequent upgrades after 2.3.6 will be easier, and if you choose to add Ambari to your cluster, you will be able to use the Rolling Upgrade feature.

The HDP packages for a complete installation of HDP 2.3.6 will take about 2.5 GB of disk space.


Until the upgrade is finalized, no HDFS data is deleted from the cluster. Be sure to review your capacity and ensure that you have extra space available during the upgrade window.

Use the following instructions to upgrade to the latest release of HDP from HDP 1.3:

  1. Download HDP 2.3.6

  2. Getting Ready to Upgrade

  3. Upgrade Hadoop

  4. Migrate the HDP Configurations

  5. Create Local Directories

  6. Start HDFS

  7. Upgrade Apache ZooKeeper

  8. Upgrade Apache HBase

  9. Upgrade Apache Hive and Apache HCatalog

  10. Upgrade Apache Oozie

  11. Upgrade Apache WebHCat (Templeton)

  12. Upgrade Apache Pig

  13. Upgrade Apache Sqoop

  14. Upgrade Apache Flume

  15. Upgrade Apache Mahout

  16. Upgrade Hue

  17. Finalize Upgrade

  18. Install new HDP Services if desired