Data Movement and Integration
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Chapter 1. What's New in the Data Movement and Integration Guide

The following changes were made to this guide since the HDP 2.5.0 release.


As of HDP 2.6.0, Falcon is deprecated but still supported. Falcon will be removed and no longer be supported as of HDP 3.0.0.

AddedPrerequisite to Installing or Upgrading FalconDescribes actions you must complete prior to installing or upgrading Falcon in HDP.
AddedConsiderations for Using FalconDescribes requirements and limitations to consider before implementing Falcon.
UpdatedMirroring Data with HiveDR in a Secure EnvironmentAdded important considerations when using HiveDR.
Added"Storing Protected Passwords in Sqoop" in Using Apache Sqoop to Transfer Bulk Data Describes how to protect passwords using a keystore with Sqoop.
Added"Sqoop Import Jobs Using --as-avrodatafile" in Using Apache Sqoop to Transfer Bulk Data Provides information and examples for using --as-avrodatafile in Sqoop import jobs.