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Test Run Ranger Usersync


Before committing to usersync changes, it is recommended that you test-run that users and groups are being retrieved as intended.

To test-run loading User and Group data into Ranger before committing to the changes:

  1. Set ranger.usersync.policymanager.mockrun=true. This parameter can be found in Ambari> Ranger> Configs> Advanced> Advanced ranger-ugsync-site.

  2. View the Users and Groups that will be loaded into Ranger: tail -f /var/log/ranger/usersync/usersync.log.

  3. After confirming that the users and groups are retrieved as intended, set ranger.usersync.policymanager.mockrun=false and restart Ranger Usersync.

    This will sync the users shown in the usersync log to the Ranger database.