Apache Hive Performance Tuning
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Chapter 8. Debugging Performance Issues

Debugging Hive Queries with Tez View

The Tez View of Ambari displays dashboards and visualizations that represent performance issues of problematic Hive queries. You can use the Tez View to troubleshoot what aspects of a Hive query are not running optimally or do not function at all. See Using Tez View in the Hortonworks Apache Ambari Views Guidefor more information.

Viewing Metrics in Grafana

The Ambari Metrics System includes Grafana, with prebuilt dashboards for advanced visualization of cluster metrics. You can monitor the performance of the system through the Hive LLAP dashboards. The following dashboards are available. To learn more about these monitoring tools, see Hive LLAP Dashboards in the Hortonworks Apache Ambari Operations Guide.

Hive LLAP Heatmap: Shows all the nodes that are running LLAP daemons, with percentage summaries for available executors and cache. This dashboard enables you to identify the hotspots in the cluster in terms of executors and cache.

Hive LLAP Overview: Shows the aggregated information across all of the clusters: for example, the total cache memory from all the nodes. This dashboard enables you to see that your cluster is configured and running correctly. For example, you might have configured 10 nodes but see executors and cache accounted for only 8 nodes running.

If you find an issue in this dashboard, you can open the LLAP Daemon dashboard to see which node is having the problem.

Hive LLAP Daemon: Metrics that show operating status for a specific Hive LLAP Daemon