Apache Kafka Component Guide
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Configuring ZooKeeper for Use with Kafka

Here are several recommendations for ZooKeeper configuration with Kafka:

  • Do not run ZooKeeper on a server where Kafka is running.

  • When using ZooKeeper with Kafka you should dedicate ZooKeeper to Kafka, and not use ZooKeeper for any other components.

  • Make sure you allocate sufficient JVM memory. A good starting point is 4GB.

  • To monitor the ZooKeeper instance, use JMX metrics.

Configuring ZooKeeper for Multiple Applications

If you plan to use the same ZooKeeper cluster for different applications (such as Kafka cluster1, Kafka cluster2, and HBase), you should add a chroot path so that all Kafka data for a cluster appears under a specific path.

The following example shows a sample chroot path:

c6401.ambari.apache.org:2181:/kafka-root, c6402.ambari.apache.org:2181:/kafka-root

You must create this chroot path yourself before starting the broker, and consumers must use the same connection string.