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This release provides Sqoop 1.4.6 with no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.6.3 provided Sqoop 1.4.6 with no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.6.2 provided Sqoop 1.4.6 and the following Apache patches:

  • SQOOP-1094: Add Avro support to merge tool.

  • SQOOP-1281: Support of glob paths during export.

  • SQOOP-1369: Avro export ignores --columns option.

  • SQOOP-1493: Add ability to import/export true decimal in Avro instead of serializing it to String.

  • SQOOP-2103: Not able define Decimal(n,p) data type in map-column-hive option.

  • SQOOP-2264: Exclude and remove SqoopUserGuide.xml from git repository.

  • SQOOP-2283: Support usage of --exec and --password-alias.

  • SQOOP-2286: Ensure Sqoop generates valid avro column names.

  • SQOOP-2295: Hive import with Parquet should append automatically.

  • SQOOP-2296: Merge statement incorrectly includes table hints.

  • SQOOP-2297: Explicitly add zookeeper as a dependency in ivy.xml.

  • SQOOP-2298: TestAvroImport test case error.

  • SQOOP-2326: Fix Netezza trunc-string option handling and unnecessary log directory during imports.

  • SQOOP-2333: Sqoop to support Custom options for User Defined Plugins(Tool).

  • SQOOP-2334: Sqoop Volume Per Mapper.

  • SQOOP-2339: Move sub-directory might fail in append mode.

  • SQOOP-2343: AsyncSqlRecordWriter stucks if any exception is thrown out in its close method.

  • SQOOP-2362: Add oracle direct mode in list of supported databases.

  • SQOOP-2363: wrong option for escape character with mysqlimport.

  • SQOOP-2364: Fix Netezza trunc-string option handling and unnecessary log directory during imports.

  • SQOOP-2367: Tests from PostgresqlImportTest can fail on various versions of Hadoop.

  • SQOOP-2370: Netezza - need to support additional options for full control character handling.

  • SQOOP-2371: Tests from *LobAvroImportTest might fail.

  • SQOOP-2372: Imports all tables as parquet will meet a NPE.

  • SQOOP-2381: Add test for mysql export with --escape-by option.

  • SQOOP-2387: Sqoop should support importing from table with column names containing some special character.

  • SQOOP-2400: hive.metastore.sasl.enabled should be set to true for Oozie integration.

  • SQOOP-2406: Add support for secure mode when importing Parquet files into Hive.

  • SQOOP-2437: Use hive configuration to connect to secure metastore.

  • SQOOP-2454: Drop JDK6 support.

  • SQOOP-2470: Incremental Hive import with append not working after validation check for --hive-import and --import.

  • SQOOP-2531: readlink -f not supported on OS X.

  • SQOOP-2535: Add error handling to HiveConf.

  • SQOOP-2561: Special Character removal from Column name as avro data results in duplicate column and fails the import.

  • SQOOP-2582: Query import won't work for parquet.

  • SQOOP-2597: Missing method AvroSchemaGenerator.generate().

  • SQOOP-2607: Direct import from Netezza and encoding.

  • SQOOP-2609: Provide Apache Atlas integration for hive and hcatalog based imports.

  • SQOOP-2617: Log file that is being used for LOB files.

  • SQOOP-2642: Document ability to specify commas in --map-column-hive option.

  • SQOOP-2647: Add option for drop-if-exists when using sqoop hcat import.

  • SQOOP-2651: Do not dump data on error in TextExportMapper by default.

  • SQOOP-2707: Upgrade commons-collections to 3.2.2.

  • SQOOP-2712: Run only one map task attempt during export (second edition).

  • SQOOP-2723: Oracle connector not working with lowercase columns.

  • SQOOP-2737: Cannot import table from Oracle with column with spaces in name.

  • SQOOP-2745: Using datetime column as a splitter for Oracle no longer works.

  • SQOOP-2746: Add test case for Oracle incremental import using Timestamp.

  • SQOOP-2747: Allow customizing test username and password for Oracle tests.

  • SQOOP-2753: TestSqoopJsonUtil.testGetJsonStringFromMap is depending on Map ordering in JDK.

  • SQOOP-2767: Test is failing SystemImportTest.

  • SQOOP-2779: Sqoop metastore doesn't seem to recognize --schema option.

  • SQOOP-2780: Sqoop 1 unit tests fail with TestIncrementalImport test.

  • SQOOP-2783: Query import with parquet fails on incompatible schema.

  • SQOOP-2787: MySql import and export fails with 5.1 server and 5.1.17+ drivers.

  • SQOOP-2795: Clean up useless code in class TestSqoopJsonUtil.

  • SQOOP-2810: Upgrade to non-snapshot dependency on Avro 1.8.0 as soon as it gets released.

  • SQOOP-2839: Sqoop import failure due to data member conflict in ORM code for table.

  • SQOOP-2846: Sqoop Export with update-key failing for avro data file.

  • SQOOP-2847: Sqoop --incremental + missing parent --target-dir reports success with no data.

  • SQOOP-2863: Properly escape column names for generated INSERT statements.

  • SQOOP-2864: ClassWriter chokes on column names containing double quotes.

  • SQOOP-2880: Provide argument for overriding temporary directory.

  • SQOOP-2896: Sqoop exec job fails with SQLException Access denied for user.

  • SQOOP-2906: Optimization of AvroUtil.toAvroIdentifier.

  • SQOOP-2909: Oracle related ImportTest fails after SQOOP-2737.

  • SQOOP-2910: Add capability to Sqoop to require an explicit option to be specified with --split-by for a String column.

  • SQOOP-2911: Fix failing HCatalogExportTest caused by SQOOP-2863.

  • SQOOP-2915: Fixing Oracle related unit tests.

  • SQOOP-2920: Sqoop performance deteriorates significantly on wide datasets; sqoop 100% on cpu.

  • SQOOP-2939: Extend mainframe module to support GDG, sequential data sets, and data sets stored on tape.

HDP 2.6.1 provides Sqoop 1.4.6 with no additional Apache patches.

HDP 2.6.0 provided Sqoop 1.4.6 with no additional Apache patches.