Audit Reference
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Managing Auditing in Ranger: Plugins

In Ranger, the Plugins tab shows the upload history of the Security Agents.This module displays all of the services exported from the system.

You can filter the data based on the following criteria:
Table 1. Agents Search Criteria
Search Criteria Description
Plugin IP IP Address of the agent that tried to export the service.
Plugin ID Name of the agent that tried to export the service.
HTTP Response Code The HTTP code returned when trying to export the service.
Start Date, End Date Export time and date is stored for each agent. A date range is used to filter the results for that particular date range.
Service Name The service name we are trying to export.
Cluster Name Cluster name. Can be defined under Ambari>component>Configs>Advanced>ranger-component-audit file, using .

Ranger Console Audit tab, Plugins sub-tab