Configuring Authentication with Kerberos
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Kerberos for Storm Prerequisites

If you are configuring Storm for Kerberos, your cluster must meet some prerequisites before you can enable Kerberos.

Links point to Ambari version If your cluster runs a different version of Ambari, refer to the Ambari document for your version of software.

Before you enable Kerberos, your cluster must meet the following prerequisites. (Note: )

Prerequisite References

Ambari-managed cluster with Storm installed and running.

  • Ambari Version or later

  • Stack version HDP 2.4.0 or later

“Installing, Configuring, and Deploying a Cluster” (link below)
Key Distribution Center (KDC) server installed and running. “Installing and Configuring the KDC” (link below)
JCE installed on all hosts on the cluster (including the Ambari server). “Enabling Kerberos Authentication Using Ambari” (link below)

When all prerequisites are fulfilled, enable Kerberos security. For more information, see “Launching the Kerberos Wizard (Automated Setup)”.