Data Governance Overview
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Apache Atlas Overview

Apache Atlas provides governance capabilities for Hadoop.

Apache Atlas uses both prescriptive and forensic models enriched by business taxonomical metadata. Atlas is designed to exchange metadata with other tools and processes within and outside of the Hadoop stack, thereby enabling platform-agnostic governance controls that effectively address compliance requirements.

Apache Atlas enables enterprises to effectively and efficiently address their compliance requirements through a scalable set of core governance services. These services include:

  • Search and Proscriptive Lineage – facilitates pre-defined and ad hoc exploration of data and metadata, while maintaining a history of data sources and how specific data was generated.

  • Metadata-driven data access control.

  • Flexible modeling of both business and operational data.

  • Data Classification – helps you to understand the nature of the data within Hadoop and classify it based on external and internal sources.

  • Metadata interchange with other metadata tools.