Configuring Apache HDFS Encryption
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Configure YARN for HDFS Encryption

How to configure YARN for HDFS encryption.

Recommendation: Make /apps/history a single encryption zone. History files are moved between the intermediate and done directories, and HDFS encryption will not allow you to move encrypted files across encryption zones.

  1. On a cluster with MapReduce over YARN installed, create the /apps/history directory and make it an encryption zone.
  2. If /apps/history already exists and is not empty:
    1. Create an empty /apps/history-tmp directory.
    2. Make /apps/history-tmp an encryption zone.
    3. Copy (distcp) all data from /apps/history into /apps/history-tmp.
    4. Remove /apps/history.
    5. Rename /apps/history-tmp to /apps/history.