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Fixed Issues

Fixed issues represents selected issues that were previously logged via Hortonworks Support, but are now addressed in the current release. These issues may have been reported in previous versions within the Known Issues section; meaning they were reported by customers or identified by Hortonworks Quality Engineering team.

Incorrect Results

Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-108745 HIVE-20315 Vectorization: Fix more NULL / Wrong Results issues and avoid unnecessary casts/conversions
BUG-109279 HIVE-20311 add txn stats checks to some more paths
BUG-111143 CALCITE-2563 Materialized view rewriting may swap columns in equivalent classes incorrectly
BUG-111233 PHOENIX-4884 INSTR function should work seamlessly with literal and non-literal arguments
BUG-111235 PHOENIX-3746 NTH_VALUE returns 'null' when aggregating results of aggregate sub-query
BUG-111360 HIVE-20625 Regex patterns not working in SHOW MATERIALIZED VIEWS '<pattern>'
BUG-111366 HIVE-20617 Fix type of constants in IN expressions to have correct type
BUG-111946 HIVE-20677 JDBC storage handler ordering problem - single split flag
BUG-112133 HIVE-20618 During join selection BucketMapJoin might be choosen for non bucketed tables
BUG-112351 HIVE-20712 HivePointLookupOptimizer should extract deep cases
BUG-112358 ATLAS-2892, ATLAS-2894 Fix for Atlas Tag Deletion via knox issue
BUG-113446 HIVE-20792 Inserting timestamp with zones truncates the data
BUG-115301 HIVE-20988 Wrong results for group by queries with primary key on multiple columns


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-109785 HIVE-20430, HIVE-20446 CachedStore: bug / UT fixes when CachedStore is enabled
BUG-110118 N/A Disable DDL API in webhcat
BUG-110503 YARN-8964 [UI2] YARN ui2 should use clusters/{cluster name} for all ATSv2 REST APIs
BUG-110627 HIVE-20409 Hive ACID: Update/delete/merge does not clean hdfs staging directory
BUG-110714 SPARK-23243, SPARK-24415, SPARK-24704, SPARK-24889, SPARK-24909, SPARK-25124, SPARK-25164, SPARK-25231, SPARK-25234, SPARK-25273, SPARK-25313, SPARK-25330, SPARK-25357, SPARK-25368, SPARK-25371, SPARK-25402 Update Spark2 with critical fixes (9/12)
BUG-110908 HIVE-20542 Incremental REPL DUMP progress information log message is incorrect.
BUG-111491 HBASE-21219 Hbase incremental backup fails with null pointer exception
BUG-112401 HIVE-20718 Add perf cli driver with constraints
BUG-112561 HIVE-20684, HIVE-20686, HIVE-20698, HIVE-20700 Backport multiple hive-druid fixes
BUG-112721 HIVE-20696 msck_*.q tests are broken
BUG-112943 HIVE-20807 Refactor LlapStatusServiceDriver
BUG-112948 N/A Fix type change assertion error from calcite
BUG-113018 HIVE-20838 Timestamps with timezone are set to null when using the streaming API
BUG-113027 HIVE-20788 Extended SJ reduction may backtrack columns incorrectly when creating filters
BUG-113338 HIVE-20966 Support bootstrap replication to a target with hive.strict.managed.tables enabled.
BUG-113340 HIVE-20966 Support incremental replication to a target with hive.strict.managed.tables enabled.
BUG-113463 N/A Set default tez.runtime.shuffle.batch.wait to 1 second
BUG-113690 KNOX-1098 Livy proxyUser should be added when not present
BUG-113799 HIVE-20744, HIVE-20920 Join reorder issue in q17 and q29 after enabling constraints
BUG-113824 HIVE-20820 MV partition on clause position
BUG-113915 HIVE-20869 Fix test results file
BUG-114169 HBASE-21457 BackupUtils#getWALFilesOlderThan refers to wrong FileSystem
BUG-114180 HBASE-21466 WALProcedureStore uses wrong FileSystem if wal.dir is not under rootdir
BUG-114181 N/A Update GCS connector to released version 1.9.10
BUG-114351 CALCITE-2669 RelMdTableReferences should check whether references inferred from input are null for Union/Join operators
BUG-114398 HIVE-19701 getDelegationTokenFromMetaStore doesn't need to be synchronized
BUG-114441 HIVE-20918 Flag to enable/disable pushdown of computation from Calcite into JDBC connection
BUG-114443 CALCITE-2673 Default implementation of SqlDialect should not support pushing all functions
BUG-114453 HIVE-20775 Factor cost of each SJ reduction when costing a follow-up reduction
BUG-114503 KNOX-1602 JsonFilterReader should handle strings, numbers, booleans, and null at root
BUG-114518 KNOX-1424 knox renaming "app" to "/gateway/ui_ns1/zeppelin/app"
BUG-114689 ATLAS-2975 Hive hook generates duplicate column_lineage entities
BUG-114751 HIVE-20949 Improve PKFK cardinality estimation in physical planning
BUG-114755 KNOX-1516, KNOX-1612, KNOX-1616 Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.12
BUG-114779 N/A Ambari-View through Knox throws "IllegalArgumentException" while downloading file with Space in name
BUG-114957 HIVE-20775 Make HIVE-20775 deterministic
BUG-115019 HBASE-21523, HBASE-21524 Chatty DEBUG logging in Master log
BUG-115023 YARN-9067 YARN Resource Manager is running OOM because of leak of Configuration Object
BUG-115099 HIVE-20951 LLAP: Set Xms to 50% always
BUG-115218 HADOOP-15959 Changes in kerberos user to local mapping permit unauthed access
BUG-115240 N/A Memory leak in HiveIsolatedClassLoader
BUG-115270 CALCITE-2720 Presence of an empty aggregation should not lead to Exceptions
BUG-115392 KNOX-1649 Provide new service definitions for Ambari to support trusted proxy
BUG-115394 KNOX-1645 Improve JSESSIONID handling
BUG-115494 ATLAS-2982, ATLAS-2984 Import fails to create classification-def
BUG-113792 RANGER-2278 Unable to delete user if he has references in new ref tables.
BUG-112785 RANGER-2252 Permission "Kafka Admin" should not be part of Topic resource in Ranger Kafka resource definition
BUG-112594 RANGER-2249 Ranger Audit not flushed immediately to HDFS
BUG-113510 RANGER-2273 Allow service admin and delegated admin user to view list of users and groups though they have 'USER' role


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-105250 HIVE-19985, HIVE-20418, ORC-389 Benchmark - LLAP performance issue for fully compacted ACID tables
BUG-108445 HIVE-20260 NDV of a column shouldn't be scaled when row count is changed by filter on another column
BUG-108446 HIVE-20439 Use the inflated memory limit during join selection for llap
BUG-108973 HIVE-20339 Vectorization: Lift unneeded restriction causing some PTF with RANK not to be vectorized
BUG-109318 HIVE-19097 related equals and in operators may cause inaccurate stats estimations
BUG-109408 HIVE-20433 Implicit String to Timestamp conversion is slow
BUG-109491 HIVE-20432 Rewrite BETWEEN to IN for integer types for stats estimation
BUG-109497 HIVE-20418 LLAP IO may not handle ORC files that have row index disabled correctly for queries with no columns selected
BUG-109794 N/A Tez: lost data event problems with tez.runtime.enable.final-merge.in.output=false
BUG-109973 HIVE-20491, HIVE-20503 Websales output is broadcasted in tpcds q49
BUG-110095 HIVE-20537, HIVE-20612 Join order change in query 24 causes 3x performance degradation
BUG-110253 HIVE-20491 Fix mapjoin size estimations for Fast implementation
BUG-110836 N/A spark llap query execution is stuck for more than 7 hrs
BUG-110938 HIVE-20296 Improve HivePointLookupOptimizerRule to be able to extract from more sophisticated contexts
BUG-110959 HIVE-20558 Change default of hive.hashtable.key.count.adjustment to 0.99
BUG-110960 N/A Set hive.llap.memory.oversubscription.max.executors.per.query to be 1/3rd of num of llap daemons
BUG-111004 HIVE-20660 Group by statistics estimation could be improved by bounding the total number of rows to source table
BUG-111028 HIVE-20103 WM: Only Aggregate DAG counters if at least one is used
BUG-111075 CALCITE-1413, CALCITE-2327, CALCITE-2438, CALCITE-2444, CALCITE-2462, CALCITE-2469, CALCITE-2494, CALCITE-2527, CALCITE-2556, CALCITE-2567, CALCITE-2581, CALCITE-2586, CALCITE-2611, CALCITE-2615, HIVE-14431, HIVE-20692, HIVE-20710 Fold where coalesce(ws_qty,0)>0 and coalesce(cs_qty, 0)>0
BUG-111076 CALCITE-2555 RexSimplify: >=(true, null) could be simplified to null
BUG-111115 N/A Change default value of hive.tez.llap.min.reducer.per.executor
BUG-111182 N/A TPCDS query29 regresses due to join order change
BUG-111516 HIVE-20622 Backwards Compat: Support non-zero padded date and timestamp entries
BUG-111518 HIVE-20321 Vectorization: Cut down memory size of 1 col VectorHashKeyWrapper to <1 CacheLine
BUG-111582 HIVE-20636 Improve number of null values estimation after outer join
BUG-111589 HIVE-20623 Shared work: Extend sharing of map-join cache entries in LLAP
BUG-111743 HIVE-20702 Account for overhead from datastructure aware estimations during mapjoin selection
BUG-111936 HIVE-20704 Extend HivePreFilteringRule to support other functions
BUG-112007 HIVE-20326 Create constraints with RELY as default instead of NO RELY
BUG-112010 HIVE-20880 Update default value for hive.stats.filter.in.min.ratio
BUG-112069 N/A Configure default HDP value for hive.llap.task.scheduler.locality.delay
BUG-112134 RANGER-2203, RANGER-2218 Review and update database schema for ranger policies to minimize database queries/updates
BUG-112350 HIVE-20704 Extend HivePreFilteringRule to support other functions
BUG-112527 HIVE-20683 Add ability to pass in Bloom filter from Hive Queries
BUG-112619 KNOX-1521 Implement UrlRewriteRequestStream methods for performance
BUG-112764 HIVE-20765, HIVE-20766 TPCDS Query compiles 10x slower in the latest benchmark run
BUG-112827 HIVE-20762 NOTIFICATION_LOG cleanup interval is hardcoded as 60s and is too small.
BUG-112839 HIVE-20767 Multiple project between join operators may affect join reordering using constraints
BUG-112951 HIVE-20804 Further improvements to group by optimization with constraints
BUG-113294 CALCITE-2631 General improvements in case simplification
BUG-113295 CALCITE-2537 Make sure assertions are enabled before calling VolcanoPlanner#validate
BUG-113300 CALCITE-2384 Performance issue in getPulledUpPredicates
BUG-113390 RANGER-2279 Reduce the time spent changing passwords during Ranger Admin install
BUG-113592 CALCITE-2668, CALCITE-2669, HIVE-20744 Query 72 regresses with constraint join reordering patch HIVE-20744
BUG-113691 HIVE-20954 Vector RS operator is not using uniform hash function for TPC-DS query 95
BUG-113805 HIVE-20873 Use Murmur hash for VectorHashKeyWrapperTwoLong to reduce hash collision
BUG-113825 HIVE-20821 Rewrite SUM0 into SUM + COALESCE combination
BUG-113854 N/A Query4 and 11 regressing in latest run due to missing CASE expression rewrite
BUG-113936 HIVE-20926 Semi join reduction hint fails when bloom filter entries are high or when there are no stats
BUG-114131 HADOOP-15846 ABFS: fix mask related bugs in setAcl, modifyAclEntries and removeAclEntries.
BUG-114166 PHOENIX-5010 Don't build client guidepost cache when phoenix.stats.collection.enabled is disabled
BUG-114696 HIVE-20944 Not validate stats during query compilation
BUG-75812 HIVE-20646 Partition filter condition is not pushed down to metastore query if it has IS NOT NULL.
BUG-82439 HIVE-17040 Join elimination in the presence of FK relationship
BUG-82628 HIVE-17043 Remove non unique columns from group by keys if not referenced later
BUG-83684 HIVE-17044 Transform LEFT/RIGHT OUTER into INNER join in the presence of FK relationship

Potential Data Loss

Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-111887 HIVE-20680 Bootstrap is missing partitions in replicated DB when retry after kill query.
BUG-112474 HIVE-20719 SELECT statement fails after UPDATE with hive.optimize.sort.dynamic.partition optimization and vectorization on
BUG-113384 RANGER-2268 Optimize policy and tags migration to new schema

Query Failure

Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-105553 HIVE-20853 Expose ShuffleHandler.registerDag in the llap daemon API
BUG-107930 HIVE-19674 Group by Decimal Constants push down to Druid tables.
BUG-109306 HIVE-20399 CTAS w/a custom table location that is not fully qualified fails for MM tables
BUG-109475 HIVE-20554 Unable to drop an external table after renaming it.
BUG-109814 HIVE-19748 Add appropriate null checks to DecimalColumnStatsAggregator
BUG-110331 HIVE-20496 Vectorization: Vectorized PTF IllegalStateException
BUG-110692 HIVE-20522 HiveFilterSetOpTransposeRule may throw assertion error due to nullability of fields
BUG-110809 HIVE-20541 REPL DUMP on external table with add partition event throws NoSuchElementException.
BUG-110881 N/A spark hive warehouse connector failed to insert into table if column in table are more than 25.
BUG-110909 ATLAS-2827 Unable to persist vertex when indexed string attribute is really long
BUG-111126 HIVE-20524 Schema Evolution checking is broken in going from Hive version 2 to version 3 for ALTER TABLE VARCHAR to DECIMAL
BUG-111150 HIVE-20563 Vectorization: CASE WHEN expression fails when THEN/ELSE type and result type are different
BUG-111224 HIVE-20632 Query with get_splits UDF fails if materialized view is created on queried table.
BUG-111522 PHOENIX-4874 psql doesn't support date/time with values smaller than milliseconds
BUG-111995 HIVE-20652 JdbcStorageHandler push join of two different datasource to jdbc driver
BUG-111996 HIVE-20669 JdbcStorageHandler push union of two different datasource to jdbc driver
BUG-112003 HIVE-20705 Vectorization: Native Vector MapJoin doesn't support Complex Big Table values
BUG-112111 PHOENIX-4859 Using local index in where statement for join (only rhs table) query fails
BUG-112626 CALCITE-2444 Handle IN expressions when converting SqlNode to SQL
BUG-113293 CALCITE-2639 FilterReduceExpressionsRule causes ArithmeticException at execution time
BUG-113305 HIVE-20817 Reading Timestamp datatype via HiveServer2 gives errors
BUG-113376 HIVE-20835 Interaction between constraints and MV rewriting may create loop in Calcite planner
BUG-114525 HIVE-20937 Postgres jdbc query fail with "LIMIT must not be negative"
BUG-115132 CALCITE-1866, CALCITE-2188, CALCITE-2206, CALCITE-2309, CALCITE-2715 Backport multiple fixes for CALCITE JDBC pushdown
BUG-96841 HIVE-20510, HIVE-20540 Bucketing: _bucket_number is marked as a constant, not a virtual column


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-108625 RANGER-2213 Tomcat Security Vulnerability Alert. The version of the tomcat for ranger should upgrade to 7.0.90.
BUG-110103 RANGER-2204 Ranger Admin's admin log event for changing Audit Logging of a policy doesn't show the actual changes
BUG-110208 HIVE-20644 Avoid exposing sensitive infomation through a Hive Runtime exception
BUG-110275 N/A Upgrade commons-collection4 to 4.1
BUG-110890 N/A Fix a security issue createRDDFromFile - large object ser/deserialization between R / JVM
BUG-111435 RANGER-2208 Code improvement to fetch User/Group information and Service Config details
BUG-111654 HIVE-20651 JdbcStorageHandler password should be encrypted
BUG-112218 RANGER-2245 Exclude Jetty libraries
BUG-112239 HIVE-20731 keystore file in JdbcStorageHandler should be authorized
BUG-112568 N/A [Druid] Fix Apache Commons Vulnerability
BUG-112620 KNOX-1429 HadoopAuthFilter avoid logging sensitive values
BUG-112890 RANGER-2263 Remove unnecessary explicit dependency for apache commons compress Jar in Ranger
BUG-113125 HIVE-20420 Provide a fallback authorizer when no other authorizer is in use
BUG-113214 RANGER-2269 Implement best coding practices for validating user input
BUG-113433 RANGER-2270 Restrict tag module access to unprivileged users
BUG-113786 ACCUMULO-3460 Monitor should not allow HTTP TRACE
BUG-113849 RANGER-2244 Tomcat Security Vulnerability Alert. The version of the tomcat for ranger should upgrade to 7.0.91 or later.
BUG-115501 N/A Remove Livy Session API from Knox Service Definition


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-102391 YARN-8742 [UI2] Container logs on Application / Service pages on UI2 are not available many case, improve error messages in such cases.
BUG-102482 YARN-8628 [UI2] Few duplicated or inconsistent information displayed in UI2
BUG-107921 YARN-8520 Document best practice for user management
BUG-108561 HIVE-20349 Implement Retry Logic in HiveDruidSplit for Scan Queries
BUG-109074 TEZ-3980 ShuffleRunner: the wake loop needs to check for shutdown
BUG-109879 N/A HiveServer2 Interactive fails to start
BUG-110149 N/A HDFS: diskbalance test fails (disk balancer not executed due to threshold value)
BUG-110186 N/A Hive upgrade with data deployed seems to be failing at ConvertTable
BUG-110400 HIVE-20511 REPL DUMP is leaking metastore connections
BUG-110668 HIVE-20513 Vectorization: Improve Fast Vector MapJoin Bytes Hash Tables
BUG-110962 N/A Create SSD cache dir if it doesnt exist already
BUG-111119 RANGER-2186 Increment service-specific policy and tag versions after update transaction is committed
BUG-111239 HADOOP-15744 AbstractContractAppendTest fails against HDFS on HADOOP-15407 branch
BUG-111427 HADOOP-15748 S3 listing inconsistency can raise NPE in globber
BUG-111586 YARN-8758 Support getting PreemptionMessage when using AMRMClientAsync
BUG-111738 HADOOP-15694, HADOOP-15704, HADOOP-15714, HADOOP-15715, HADOOP-15719, HADOOP-15740, HADOOP-15744, HADOOP-15745, HADOOP-15769, HADOOP-15773, HADOOP-15778 ABFS related fixes
BUG-111834 HIVE-20095 Fix feature to push computation to jdbc external tables
BUG-111953 HIVE-20720 Add partition column option to JDBC handler
BUG-111973 HADOOP-15739 ABFS: remove unused maven dependencies and add used undeclared dependencies
BUG-111974 HADOOP-15723 ABFS: Ranger Support
BUG-111975 HADOOP-15801 ABFS: Fixing skipUserGroupMetadata in AzureBlobFileSystemStore
BUG-112055 HIVE-20682 Async query execution can potentially fail if shared sessionHive is closed by master thread.
BUG-112065 HADOOP-15795 Make HTTPS the default protocol for ABFS
BUG-112066 HADOOP-15792 typo in AzureBlobFileSystem.getIsNamespaceEnabeld
BUG-112067 HADOOP-15793 ABFS: Skip unsupported test cases when non namespace enabled in ITestAzureBlobFileSystemAuthorization
BUG-112260 YARN-8853 [UI2] Application Attempts tab is not shown correctly when there are no attempts
BUG-112347 N/A hbase:meta location in ZooKeeper set to OPENING which precludes Master from assigning it
BUG-112427 YARN-8868 Set HTTPOnly attribute to Cookie
BUG-112578 RANGER-2242 JiSQL utility is failing Oracle UDF
BUG-112686 RANGER-2250 Service configs fields are not showing for atlas service form page
BUG-112689 HADOOP-15809 ABFS: better exception handling when making getAccessToken call
BUG-112690 HADOOP-15825 ABFS: Enable some tests for namespace not enabled account using OAuth
BUG-112698 HADOOP-15851 Disable wildfly logs to the console
BUG-112839 HIVE-20767 Multiple project between join operators may affect join reordering using constraints
BUG-112909 YARN-8535 Fix DistributedShell unit tests
BUG-112945 HADOOP-15850 CopyCommitter#concatFileChunks should check that the blocks per chunk is not 0
BUG-113276 HADOOP-15823 ABFS: Stop requiring client ID and tenant ID for MSI
BUG-113277 HADOOP-15839 Review + update cloud store sensitive keys in hadoop.security.sensitive-config-keys
BUG-113464 HIVE-20834 Hive QueryResultCache entries keeping reference to SemanticAnalyzer from cached query
BUG-113617 HDFS-13941, HDFS-14026 make storageId in BlockPoolTokenSecretManager.checkAccess optional
BUG-114131 HADOOP-15846 ABFS: fix mask related bugs in setAcl, modifyAclEntries and removeAclEntries.
BUG-114139 N/A Backport Druid bloom filter caching Fix [Druid PR #6488]
BUG-114140 HIVE-20101 fix druid-bloom-filter thread-safety


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-104177 N/A Add Knox service definition for SMM
BUG-106354 N/A Option to remove the server-name from HTTP-header response (HDP 3.1.x)
BUG-107096 N/A HS2 and hivemetastore log do not log to configured log location
BUG-108450 HIVE-20130 Better logging for information schema synchronizer
BUG-109899 HIVE-20455 Log spew from security.authorization.PrivilegeSynchonizer.run
BUG-110039 HIVE-20476 CopyUtils used by REPL LOAD and EXPORT/IMPORT operations ignore distcp error.
BUG-110041 HIVE-20607 TxnHandler should use PreparedStatement to execute direct SQL queries.
BUG-111565 HIVE-20612 Create new join multi-key correlation flag for CBO
BUG-112136 RANGER-2251 Need to provide options for making java heap size memory configurable in Ranger services
BUG-112588 CALCITE-2622 RexFieldCollation toString method is not deterministic
BUG-112621 KNOX-1522 Add HA support for HadoopAuthProvider
BUG-112959 HIVE-20718 Add perf cli driver with constraints
BUG-114132 HADOOP-15812 ABFS: Improve AbfsRestOperationException format to ensure full msg can be displayed on console
BUG-113513 RANGER-2272 Ensure that case of resource-definition names and access-type names in Ranger policy is the same as in service-definition after successful validation


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-104299 N/A GCS GA for HDP 3.1.0
BUG-110593 N/A Add Surrogate Keys function to Hive
BUG-111794 AMBARI-24718 STS fails after start, after stack upgrade from 3.0.1 to 3.1.0
BUG-111947 N/A HWC: Build HWC against Spark 2.3.2
BUG-112756 KNOX-1526 Upgrade Knox to Jetty 9.2.26
BUG-112937 RANGER-2260 Atlas servicedef version change patch should update atlas access type def for tag def also.
BUG-113133 RANGER-2264 Kafka default policies for new resources are not showing up in UI when upgrade is done from older version
BUG-113283 N/A Upgrade Jetty version to jetty-9.4.12.v20180830 or 9.3.25.v20180904
BUG-113388 HIVE-20638 Upgrade version of Jetty to 9.3.25.v20180904


Hortonworks Bug ID Apache JIRA Summary
BUG-104558 N/A Support More formats for Hive Druid Kafka ingestion
BUG-106410 HIVE-20193 cboInfo is not present in the explain plan json
BUG-106869 N/A Enable workload management by default
BUG-108987 HIVE-20352 Vectorization: Support grouping function
BUG-109045 OOZIE-3326 Sqoop Action should support tez delegation tokens for hive-import
BUG-109077 HIVE-20367 Vectorization: Support streaming for PTF AVG, MAX, MIN, SUM
BUG-109279 HIVE-20311 add txn stats checks to some more paths
BUG-109362 PHOENIX-4822 The configuration "phoenix.query.dateFormatTimeZone" does't work on the client
BUG-109494 N/A HWC: Support auto-creation of Hive table from Spark DataFrame schema
BUG-110103 RANGER-2204 Ranger Admin's admin log event for changing Audit Logging of a policy doesn't show the actual changes
BUG-110261 N/A Name for the 'global' resource for temporary UDF should be more intuitive and informative from End user's viewpoint.
BUG-110593 N/A Add Surrogate Keys function to Hive
BUG-110599 RANGER-2229 Perform graceful terminate with retries before doing forceful kill for usersync and tagsync
BUG-110666 LIVY-498 SparkR interpreter fails to execute statement with Windows CRLF on *nix machine
BUG-110709 HIVE-20734 Beeline: When beeline-site.xml is and hive CLI redirects to beeline, it should use the system username/dummy password instead of prompting for one
BUG-111022 RANGER-2224 'drop temporary function <udf>' command should be handled by 'global' resource and 'Temorary UDF Admin' permission.
BUG-111298 HIVE-20593 Load Data for partitioned ACID tables fails with bucketId out of range: -1
BUG-111377 N/A Allow any udfs with 0 arguments or with constant arguments as part of default clause
BUG-111443 KNOX-1440 WEBHDFS: retry should not be attempted for datanode write failures
BUG-111591 HIVE-20590 Allow merge statement to have column schema
BUG-111747 RANGER-2207 Allow resources to appear in column mask policies without being visible in access policies
BUG-111763 HIVE-20703 Put dynamic sort partition optimization under cost based decision
BUG-111853 MAPREDUCE-7125 JobResourceUploader creates LocalFileSystem when it's not necessary
BUG-112136 RANGER-2251 Need to provide options for making java heap size memory configurable in Ranger services
BUG-112381 KNOX-1518 Large HDFS file downloads are incomplete when content is gzipped
BUG-112396 HIVE-20716 Set default value for hive.cbo.stats.correlated.multi.key.joins to true
BUG-112482 HIVE-20763 Add google cloud storage (gs) to the exim uri schema whitelist
BUG-112636 HIVE-20377, HIVE-20481, HIVE-20561, HIVE-20639, HIVE-20735 Kafka Storage Handler
BUG-112686 RANGER-2250 Service configs fields are not showing for atlas service form page
BUG-112788 N/A As Idempotent write, describe broker configs, alter broker configs operations don't work at topic level but at cluster level in kafka 2.0, this needs to be documneted
BUG-112824 HIVE-20477 OptimizedSql is not shown if the expression contains INs
BUG-112840 RANGER-2247 Ranger Plugin for HDFS throws StringIndexOutOfBounds exception when policy resource is "\"
BUG-112990 N/A Unable to update kafka policies in ranger UI
BUG-113125 HIVE-20420 Provide a fallback authorizer when no other authorizer is in use
BUG-113391 RANGER-2275 Make db_setup retry delay configurable
BUG-113537 N/A HWC: When writing a DataFrame to existing Hive table, match columns by name (if necessary)
BUG-113600 N/A Fix Mapbox viz for superset
BUG-113833 HIVE-20734 Beeline: When beeline-site.xml is and hive CLI redirects to beeline, it should use the system username/dummy password instead of prompting for one
BUG-114061 N/A HWC: NPE when closing tasks that retrieved no data
BUG-114336 CALCITE-2668 Support for left/right outer join in RelMdExpressionLineage
BUG-114966 ATLAS-2965 Duplicate entities are created when when same unique attributes are given but different unassigned guids
BUG-115076 HIVE-20978 "hive.jdbc.*" should add to sqlStdAuthSafeVarNameRegexes
BUG-81627 HIVE-18453 ACID: Add "CREATE TRANSACTIONAL TABLE" syntax to unify ACID ORC & Parquet support
BUG-92695 N/A Replicate Truncate operation on ACID table
BUG-112993 RANGER-2262 Improvement of export to excel from report listing page for Oracle database.